India Independence Day – Revive the Fighting Spirit

  • May 27, 2019

Every Indian accessible knows that us of completed independence from the British rule on August 15, 1947, and this yr marks the 62nd 12 months of independence! Many folks also recognize from the history books in our colleges the recorded sacrifices that have been made to regain the sovereignty of our motherland! Equally familiar is the fact that on this day u. S . A. Celebrates this landmark fulfillment in its common standard and colorful approaches! The National flag is hoisted inside the national capital of New Delhi, and on the diverse nation capitals and union territories. The Prime Minister lists the achievements of us of a sense the final indian independence day, increases the cutting-edge and critical home and sometimes worldwide troubles, and urges fellowmen to return collectively to resolve it! Various cultural activities are held, and unique suggests to honor the martyrs and the surviving freedom fighters are staged. And so any other Independence Day quietly comes to a cease, the very day our forefathers and incredible leaders of pre-impartial India dreamt of. But for us, it is just every other national vacation, a mere show of pomp, special shows on television, the whole lot however an event to have a good time the spirit of independence, and relive and revive the spirit of preventing!

India Independence Day - Revive the Fighting Spirit

Why should we fight nowadays? And in opposition to whom? Or what is there to fight for? Well, for my part we have to ask ourselves why we have stopped the combat! After all, we’ve such a lot of nagging problems, big and small, around us! Isn’t? Unfortunately, these days we’ve ‘learned to live’ with these problems and so long as they don’t ‘critically’ make a dent on our personal lives, we simply do not care! But have we ever questioned wherein we went wrong! I recognize this could kick start the blame sport! There is corruption, red-tapism that slows down improvement, and there are no suitable politicians, no leaders, no imaginative and prescient, no assets, and so on! But will we additionally realize that we too are liable for this dismal state of affairs? Everyone knows that there can’t be a trade in a single day but I desire we can agree that there must be a few beginning somewhere!

Independence vs freedom

What is independence and what’s freedom? For most of us, political independence is freedom sufficient! The term ‘independence’ and the experience of ‘being impartial’ has outshined the freedom battle fought by way of our leaders and countrymen. What they sought became an independent India and more than that the ‘freedom’ to govern ourselves and to be dictated by a few overseas pressure! Sadly, we have carried out political independence however only a few diplomae of real freedom. Real freedom is what is going to turn our U.S. Into a strong and united India! And each one people need to be fighting for it now!

Take for instance the private freedom, a freedom that may be exercised by way of one man or woman without violating the opposite person’s freedom. In a nutshell, the freedom to specific my perspectives, do my very own matters without hurting others’ sentiments, and emotions and sentiments. It is part of the civil liberties that defend a character from the authorities of the living state placing limits for it in order that it cannot abuse its electricity and intervene unduly with the lives of its citizens. Now how a lot of us can proudly say that we enjoy complete non-public freedom in our ‘unbiased’ u. S. A .?! I am now not wondering right here the rights of the authorities in upholding the law of the land or punishing the responsible and lengthening safety to its citizens. Every authority have the proper to try this! But this is greater about the apathy, of the government and some individuals and organizations, inside the call of caste, religion, way of life, and gender that immediately or in a roundabout way violates my personal freedom to specific my perspectives or do my personal matters! It is a real understatement that handiest a select few have personal freedom that’s simplest misused in prescribing the freedom of others. There are extra unwritten and unstated legal guidelines being observed here than the normal written ones on bound books, which can be almost by no means observed! Many of our laws are only ‘said’ within the right spirit but now not ‘performed’ inside the proper manner.

Rights are not allowed to be fully exercised

India Independence Day - Revive the Fighting Spirit

Similarly, we do no longer completely enjoy the civil rights, social rights, cultural rights and the rights to first-rate fitness, quality schooling, and defense to name a few. Even the proper to vote has often been no longer allowed to exercising within the manner we want it to, and pointless to mention the proper to schooling is dictated by using castes and cash! Quality health services are denied to many. Everything comes with a heavy charge tag! There can be several reasons for this however alas our ‘muted mumbles’ is most effective making matters worse!

How lots of us can proudly say that we experience a majority of these rights to the fullest! Right from getting beginning certificates for our toddlers, to admissions in schools and schools, and to get the roles that we deserve, we compromise on the entirety. This compromise isn’t ‘ahimsa’ that Mahatma Gandhi stood for; this is traditional ‘meek’ surrendering to the apathy of the few terrible elements within the society! Of route, there could be a totally few accessible who would have no longer skilled the apathy of the officers in some unspecified time in the future in time! But it’s best a handful of the population! Majority folks are nevertheless in the darkish approximately our rights even on everyday problems! Even after 62 years of self-governing unbiased India, we cannot get to exercise our rights and get matters done in the manner it needs to be executed! Superficially, India has stepped forward leaps and bounds in many fields. The exceptional of life has progressed but sadly the excellent of ‘living’ has now not! Many folks do now not even recognize that during some parts of us of a, a long way from our busy cities and our so-referred to as social cognizance, a few people are nevertheless preventing for a few primary things, no longer with the British Empire but with the Indian government.

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