The Impact of Technology in Human life

  • August 7, 2019

Man is the best creation of God. So Man wants everything best, that why he created Technology.
Now the question arises what is Technology?? People will say scientific knowledge for practical purpose especially in industry (book theory). But I will say it’s an impact in our daily lives in every field, from the cell phone we use, the car we drive, the computer and the internet we access, the power we consume, each and everything surrounding us is Technologies. New information technology was developed in the year 1940 for better work in universities and the military. But it’s a universal fact that these new technologies not only benefit the programmer but also to the commoner like us. At first, we used to use a Landline telephone, after that it’s upgraded to mobile and currently to a smartphone, a phone in which the whole world is inside. Likewise, video-game upgraded to play stations. Technologies help us to get connected with the whole world through the internet.
The Internet plays a very important role in daily life. It’s allowed us flexibility in working hours and location. With Internet, we can do anything. It helps students to get study materials online. We can learn many things online for example cooking, playing musical instruments, handicrafts, etc. It also helps us to see the whole world in just one minute. we can see anything, at any time. Internet helps us to send money to our loved one, anywhere in the world via Internet banking. The Internet also helps us to buy goods from different countries. Nowadays online shopping is in trend. Many e-commerce companies are giving the opportunity to the retailer to sell their product online example: Flipkart, Amazon and etc. Satellite TV services like Dish TV brings up access to the common people to get their cable service gets re-connected through their Dish TV recharge online service. After seeing Dish TV Recharge Online service many other service providers also follows the same technologies.
Technology is like a coin with both positive and negative sides (Exploitation of resources, effect personal affairs and etc). We are the decider and we have to choose how to make use of it.

Brooklyn Lopez

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